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The AeroVent™ Aerosol Can Disposal products have proven to be:

Fast and Simple to Use - Just open the lid and place the cans in the machine. Then close the lid with the convenient handle/clamp. This automatically seals the chamber and punctures the aerosol cans at the same time. Wait 10-15 seconds for the pressure and liquids to evacuate. Open the lid and remove the cans.  They are now ready to be discarded as ordinary waste of sold as recyclable  steel.   It is that simple! Plus, the AeroVent 3 punctures and drains three cans at a time. It is unchallenged as the fastest aerosol can disposal machine available.

Economical - The AeroVent™ Aerosol Can Disposal System’s will quickly pay for themselves, often in the first day of use! You eliminate the high cost of hazardous waste disposal and can recycle the punctured and drained aerosol cans as scrap metal.

Safe - The AeroVent's™ unique design totally seals the chamber and pushes the cans onto the non-sparking cobalt bit with one stroke.  Unlike other machines, there is no interchanging of special clamps or covers for different sized aerosol cans. No o-rings are used that can wear out and cause leakage. Also, the interior components and cobalt puncturing bits are non-sparking and designed for safety. Drained aerosol fluids are collected in the enclosed drum for later disposal, and the activated carbon filter absorbs VOC’s and harmful vapors. The replaceable carbon filter cartridges are designed to be easily changed. Each filter cartridge can handle up to 600 aerosol cans before changing is required.

Versatile - The AeroVent™ has a unique tray design that accepts a variety of aerosol can sizes up to 3" diameter and 10" length with just one tray.  Quick change can guides accommodate various can sizes making the AeroVent a one-size fits all your aerosol can disposal needs.

Environmentally Friendly - Under EPA guidelines 40CFR 261-268, punctured and drained aerosol cans may now be disposed of as non-hazardous waste or recycled as scrap metal.

Rugged Proudly made in the USA the AeroVent™ Aerosol Can Disposal Machines are manufactured from welded structural steel and industrial grade components, the AeroVent™ is virtually indestructible. They are backed by our 18 month warranty, the longest in the industry.

Increase Operator Safety - Add the optional AeroVentilator™ Positive Pressure Filtration System to efficiently draw liquids and fumes away from the operator while processing aerosol cans for disposal. The AeroVent™Machines and the AeroVentilator™ Positive Pressure Filtration System are the ideal solution to reduce waste volume, increase recycling revenues, and provide increased operator safety for any operation.